Sunday, 18 December 2016

It's ok.. I suppose

So I went for weigh in on Tuesday, fully expecting a gain and I was happy to discover that I had in fact had a loss! I lost 2lb! This has brought me back to my starting weight which means I haven't officially lost anything yet but it's ok, I suppose it's better than being over my starting weight lol!        I haven't managed to get to the gym yet this week as every night this week I have had something I needed to do such as going Christmas shopping straight after work or taking Esme to a party etc but I have already planned to get some exercise in for the week ahead.
I am planning to go to the gym tomorrow, Thursday and Friday so that will mean I have squeezed in lots of exercise this week. I am quite proud that even though I haven't officially lost anything yet that I am still trying and planning to go to the gym in Christmas week is a complete first for me!. This time of year it is so easy to think, "f**k it, it's Christmas" and give up until the new year but I am not doing that! The damage I could do between now and the new year doesn't bear thinking about and even if I don't lose any weight until the new year it will be nice not to gain any!
I am finding it difficult though to be honest for example we have bought some Roses and Celebration chocolates and guess who was the first to give in and open the tubs..... *raises hand* yep it was me! But I am making healthier choices too such as we went to a cafĂ© for lunch today and whilst the kids had pizza, burgers, onion rings etc, I got a jacket potato with tuna and light mayonnaise. I'm not being an angel but I am far from being the devil lol!!
Apart from the build up to Christmas and an assortment of goodies that I need to resist the only other thing standing in my way for the week ahead is my team Christmas lunch, again this is something I booked before I started my challenge and I can't remember what I ordered but I don't think it will have been the healthy option! Then of course we have Christmas as the weekend, exactly ONE WEEK today!!! OMG I am so excited, this is my favourite time of year!
I can only do, what I can do! I really am crazy beginning my weight loss challenge at this time of year! I hope to start the new year with a bang though and so I am hoping to lose some weight before then and I can go into the new year a little lighter.

I will hopefully be back on Tuesday with a quick update but if not I would like to wish everyone an amazing Christmas, I hope Santa brings you what you have wished for and have a great time with your loved ones xxxxxxx

Sunday, 11 December 2016

Doing it for myself just isn't enough

So I am back writing a vlog again, hopefully I will be better at keeping up with it this time! At the end of November I started a weight loss challenge but the difference this time is that I am doing it for charity to support the Make-A-Wish Foundation. What sparked the idea to lose weight for charity came from a previous event I completed for charity. I gave up chocolate for a month to raise month for the British Heart Foundation as I am a huge chocoholic, I have some every day in fact and I found it so easy to give up because I knew I was doing it for a great cause. This led me to think that maybe I should lose weight for charity and now here we are!
I am attempting to lose five stone in the next year and I am hoping to raise £1000. I re-joined Slimming World 22nd November 2016 and I lost 2.5lbs in my first week, I was gutted as I had hoped for a big loss with it being my first weigh in. Then at my second weigh in I PUT ON 4.5lbs, that's right PUT ON! I was so frustrated with myself because I started the week off being a saint but then as it got to the weekend I got worse, it was my birthday, you see and so I made that an excuse for being able to have a "few" treats! I was mortified, especially as I am sharing my journey on Instagram and planned to share a picture of my book each week showing how I have done. I just could not share that, it is far too embarrassing, the second weigh in for my charity weight loss and I had a gain, meaning I weighed more than I did when I joined! Nope definitely not up for sharing that at the moment! I will share it when I have lost more, at the end of the day I am only human and I have stupidly started this challenge at the worst time of the year, as it will soon be Christmas so there's parties and meals out etc which are obstacles to overcome.

This week I have been a saint! I have been under my syn allowance each day, I have been to the gym twice and I can feel that I have lost weight, well that was until my works Christmas party last night where I had a three* course meal and many drinks! Now the reason I say three* course meal is because they never brought me out my starter and I didn't want to look like a greedy fat cow and kick off about not having my food. So I instead I had a two course meal which consisted of a turkey dinner which I didn't eat a lot of and a Christmas yule-log for dessert. I am feeling as fat as anything today so I am dreading getting on the scales on Tuesday!

So works Christmas party is now out of the way, and I will get back to eating well and exercising. But then on the 22nd December we have our works team Christmas lunch and I can't remember what I ordered but at the time I ordered my meal I wasn't dieting so I probably didn't get the healthy option! But I am just going to be a saint up until then just think of it as one meal and not let it destroy my day/week.

What was I thinking embarking on this weight loss challenge at this time of year?! I must be mental! I was just so desperate to get started because I am so extremely upset with my weight.
My weight affects every aspect of my life and I very rarely look forward to things because I feel my weight overshadows everything I do. For example works Christmas party, yeah I turned up and I acted all happy but inside I was upset and feel disgusted with myself. Today my work friend has posted a photo of me and my other friend on Facebook, I look like a massive whale at the side of her, she is really thin and has a lovely figure, then there's me just there like a big heffer! Someone made a nasty comment about the size of one of my work colleagues and I am twice the size of them so all night I just kept thinking what they must think of me then!
So hence the name of my blog because I feel losing weight will help me gain a life, in the sense of I will be fit and healthy so hopefully prolonging my time on this earth but also in the sense of being able to live life and truly feel happy with myself. More than anything I just want to feel comfortable in my own skin. I am hoping this blog won't be a negative place but I feel I will be more likely to post when I am frustrated or need to vent but I am hoping that I also remember to post the positives too!

I have calculated that in order to reach my goal of five stone in a year I will need to lose 1.5lbs a week. So that means in theory by Tuesday I need to have lost 4.5lbs to catch up and be on track! Hopefully some weeks I will have bigger losses and then I can get in front of my weekly target.

Any donations will be greatly appreciated. Please find attached my just giving page.
The Make-A-Wish Foundation is an amazing charity which grants the dreams of seriously ill children and their families, allowing them to create new and lasting memories they can cherish. The charity does not get government funding and they rely on every donation they receive. I have chosen to raise money for this charity as I think what they do is amazing and I wanted to be able to contribute in some way.

Here is my just giving page: